Plastics cups and buckets provide us to preserve foods in the best conditions for healty & safe life. Most of the manufacturing companies frequently use food containers to provide & preserve foods in healty condititions. Manufacturers who are producing such food like Fish,Yoghurt and Milk cream prefer to use liquid & Air tight food containers & buckets to extend the products shelf life.

There are different designs and dimensions for plastic food containers and buckest. It is better to choose the one that fits into your needs. The food containers are high demanded and valuable products. By this reason, they are also atractive selling tools for shoppers from all around the world. Foods should be packed in the best conditions. Amount of the foods should be well-balanced with the total size of the food container & buckets. And also, lids of the food containers & buckets must have air tight has important role in the distrubution process. In order to increase shelf year and keep freshness of the foods, it is better to use the air tight & liquid tight lids.

Air-tight Food Containers & Buckets

Before and after production, Foods should be packed in well condition. To keep your foods in best condition and distrubute Meteplast bring best custom oriented solutions for your needs. We have always good quality and reasonable prices along with wide variety of the  food containers & buckets.

We have very large scales of products food containers and buckets, divided food container with fork and spoon. You can reach the whole range from our web site. For the different shape as rectangular, round, and etc options please visit air-tight food containers and buckets section in our web site. Let’s discover the quality of Meteplast

All of our products are certified by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 18001 and ISO 22000 that are standardization programs including requirements of the Quality, Envoirement, Security, Labor Health, Job Safety Security, Food Safety and Management. You will always find the innovative and custom oriented solution for your needs. We offer you best quality of food containers & buckets under the internationally well known brand Meteplast .com

Please check the contact details of our production facilty and headquarter. Our prioty is to make efforts to understand clearly what our customers really wants. What we believe is that none of our  partners will buy that is not needed. We, Meteplast, keep going on our way to provide every one healty food and life.